The Best News Bloopers Of August, 2023

Last Updated on: 6th September 2023, 05:56 pm

Old man talking here, but why does every basic action and concept need a silly ass buzz word? Quiet quitting instead of just calling it doing your job as though you’re a properly adjusted person, for instance. It’s not even accurate, for Christ’s sake! When not going above and beyond what’s expected of you in return for no extra pay or benefit is considered quitting, things have gone horribly wrong.

And speaking of things going horribly wrong, just wait until you get to the second to last clip in this month’s blooper video and hear what they’re calling treating yourself to nice things now. I don’t want to spoil it, so let’s just say I can’t believe they expected anyone to make it through that story without something like this happening and leave it at that.

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