GI Jail

Last Updated on: 19th April 2018, 01:22 pm

Tiffany and Shawn Barkdoll are in a whole lot of trouble. I guess their son was into the pot. For some reason, they thought they should find him a legal alternative to pot. so they found out about this GI Jain stuff, also known as K2 or something. I can find little to no info about it. All I know is on one hand, it’s supposed to be used as incense, but on the other, it’s sold up by the cigarettes and pipes. But apparently, in some states, it’s legal.

Well, they bought it for their son, and smoked it themselves a few times, and all seemed good, so they gave it to him. Um, he wound up in the ER, and they wound up in jail. I find it kind of funny that daddy got out, but mommy’s still locked up. Every man for himself, eh?

I love how they asked the kid what happened to him, and he said he smoked this stuff because it wouldn’t turn up on a urinalysis.

Hey guys, if your kid wants to smoke that much, maybe you should figure out why he wants to smoke that much. Maybe finding him a way to beat the system isn’t the answer.

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