Several Hours Worth Of Stories About The Royal Rumble

I haven’t worked my way through all of this yet, but I’m posting it anyway since there’s no possible way that Sean Ross Sapp talking to dozens of wrestlers current and classic about their experiences in the Royal Rumble isn’t going to be at least a little bit interesting.

The Rumble has been my favourite WWE show of the year for almost as long as they’ve been doing it. It’s always fun in a wrestling sense even when it winds up being a bad match because there’s the potential for so many things to happen, but all of the real life moving parts involved in putting something like it together are often as interesting as the storylines. What happens if something goes wrong? How much is called in the ring? How much is heavily planned beforehand? How much has that changed over the years?

The Inside the Royal Rumble articles referenced in the video can be found here. I need to read those, too.

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