We Have Breaking News About The Blue Jays Lineup. Carissa Got Her Diploma Again!

Last Updated on: 1st July 2024, 04:07 pm

Time for your annualish Steve loses his shit at MLB Audio for dinking with the broadcasts and fucking everything up post. I swear I could almost start an entire website devoted to only this if I knew that doing so wouldn’t cause me to bust a blood vessel and die.

The reason I’m flipping my lid this time? The announcers are just starting to talk about a hand injury that’s going to keep Vladimir Guerrero, one of the most important parts of our lineup, out of that lineup today. I’m hoping for an update on how serious this is, but what I get instead is an unceremonious interruption by that ad with the bitch talking about going back and getting her high school diploma. Apologies to the bitch. I’m sure she’s lovely. But she tells me the same damn thing 8000 times every broadcast, often at inappropriate moments. Vlad gets hurt a lot less than that, lord willing, so forgive me for caring a lot more about him than her.

Again, MLB, I beseech thee! PLEASE! STOP! INSERTING! YOUR! OWN! ADS! INTO! THE! GAMES! It’s annoying when it’s done right, and you almost never do it right! You have never done it right, and it’s been enough years that I think it’s safe to say that you never will!

I miss having the local flavour of the stations from places I’ve never been to. That’s half the value of your service right there! But the other half is hearing an uninterrupted baseball game, and you arseholes can’t even give me that anymore! Please, get it together!

Ok, I feel better…for the moment. I’m going back outside now. Happy Canada Day.

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