The ADHD Earworm

I just heard this song from the Holderness Family a couple of days ago, and now it won’t leave me alone. It’s a good thing it’s a good song.

In fact, sometimes when I get distracted by something, or forget why I came in a room, or think about things at the exact wrong time, this song starts to play. I never thought I had ADHD, but sometimes when I can’t prioritize things, or I go down rabbit holes, I wonder. But I have never chewed on my shirt or spaced out on a book. But I do make people laugh and say random things out of nowhere.

What a sweet song. We need more of these.

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  1. Can definitely understand why it got into your head and is staying there.

    And it got me wondering…did I ever chew on my shirt? I can’t say for sure that I never did that. Certainly didn’t make a habit out of it, but there’s something deep inside me that keeps saying you did it once or twice, buddy.

    And I do kind of zone out sometimes, especially lately. That’s probably stress mostly, but you can’t not wonder once you hear a song like that.

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