Some People Need Work Instilling Confidence

I had a bit of an argument with a bus driver today on my way home from the radio station. Well maybe it wasn’t exactly an argument, but he thought I was lying about something and me and another guy had to prove him wrong so I’ll call it an argument anyway. The funny thing is that it was an argument that he should have easily been able to win considering that his job is driving. the conversation went something like this.

Steve: “Can you let me know when we get to Water Street?”
Driver: “Where?”
Steve: “Water Street.”
Driver: Where is that?”
Steve: “You don’t know where Water street is?”
Driver: “Never heard of it, are you sure you’ve got the name right?”
Steve: “Yeah, I either get on or off of a bus there several times a week.”
Driver: “Well I’ve never heard of that…”
Random Other Guy: “He’s right, it’s down by the river.”
Driver: “No, that street is called something else.”
Steve and Some Random Other guy at the same time: “No it isn’t!”

The conversation ends there until we get to the spot I wanted at which point I hear something I was hoping I wouldn’t.

Driver: “Hey, this is your stop, but wait, I’m curious about what the name of the street is.”
Driver looks around thoughtfully while Steve stands there waiting for him to say something.
Driver: “Wow, I guess it is Water Street. I never realized that there was a street there before.”

Steve exits the bus, cholking on a combination of laughter and terror.

He didn’t realize there was a street there? How can you not realize that there’s a street there, it has it’s own stoplight for crying out loud! And if he’s capable of being oblivious to an entire street, what else is he missing? I’m glad I got off that bus when I did, that’s for sure.

But as I was walking the rest of the way home I had another thought. Maybe all of those people that I see wandering aimlessly around the city all the time aren’t really homeless at all, they’re just lost thanks to the directions of some accident waiting to happen bus driver.

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