Things To Do: Waste Time, Bore My Followers…

If I’d had any sense, I should have put this next thing up the day Steve wrote about the ability to make twit tickets. But since I don’t, it goes up today.

For some inexplicable reason, someone has come up with the ability for people to write their to do list using Twitter. It’s called TwitDo, and to me, it has bad idea written all over it

Yes, boys and girls, you can now bore your followers to death by writing down, and broadcasting, your own personal list of things you want to accomplish. Just add the hashtag #todo to the end of your tweet about how you have to do laundry or pick up milk or delete all those unsavory webpages from your history. You don’t even have to make a TwitDo account. Whenever you write a tweet with the hashtag #todo, I guess it finds it and makes you your own personal page where your to do list is stored, which any old person can visit. Then, when you’ve completed a task, you tweet a keyword from it and write #done. If this catches on, I think it could become way worse than 4Square. Yuck!

I’ve got a better idea. Write your to do list in your computer! Yeah! Or, if you prefer, write it down or braille it on a piece of paper! Ooo! I know this kind of sounds like this old post laughing at people being shocked that people found their blogs, but it is sort of similar.

Please, for the sake of my sanity, don’t let this catch on.

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