Good Citizens? In Our Schools? This Must Be Stopped!

Whenever I hear a story like this one, I can’t help but cringe as I think about how much those in charge of this generation are doing to ensure that they ruin it completely.

After learning a family friend’s sister had been diagnosed with cancer, 17-year-old leukemia survivor J.T. Gaskins decided to grow out his hair for Locks of Love, a non-profit that uses donated hair to provide hairpieces to lower income children with long-term medical hair loss caused by cancer and other diseases.

But administrators at the Madison Academy, where Gaskin attends high school near Flint, Mich., ruled that his long hair was in violation of the school’s dress code policy and, as a result, handed him an out-of-school suspension, the Detroit News reports.

None of this has broken the kid’s spirit and he plans to keep growing his hair and make the donation anyway, thank Christ.

“I fought cancer my entire life. I’m going to keep fighting this. I’m not going to not give back just because my school says no,” he said in an interview.

Good for him, and complete ass backward opposite of good for him for the school officials who are so imbecilic as to not see how awesome this is and that it’s ok to deviate from the rules now and again.

Keep up the fight, J.T. and others. And by others, I mean not only students, but parents and even teachers who have the good sense to realize that these types of zero tolerance rules do more harm than good. Things like this have been going on for far too long. This is only one case, but every time you put a stop to something like it, people have no choice but to take notice. And even if they don’t notice right away, at least you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you stood up and did the right thing for the right reasons.

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