According to this here news report, a fellow by the name of Marvin Tramaine Hill II managed to break his wife’s nose by way of a twice weaponized McDonald’s McChicken sandwich. why? Because, quite sensibly, he isn’t a fan of McDonald’s McChicken sandwiches. and it sounds like the two hadn’t exactly been living in marital bliss. And maybe he might be kinda nuts.

Hill had admitted to police that he threw the sandwich at his wife “because he doesn’t like them.” Hill was initially arrested for simple domestic assault.
Des Moines police met with Hill at the couple’s home in the 1400 block of 13th Street. The couple have a two-year-old daughter and another child on the way. Hill told police that it was actually his wife who assaulted him.
Hill said his wife woke him up around 1 p.m. with a McChicken in hand. He admitted to police that he became upset and threw the sandwich at her, then picked up some of the bun, throwing it at her again.
The woman went to the bathroom to clean herself up but Hill followed her and began recording her using his cellphone, which he later shared with police. In the video, police saw the woman knock the phone out of his hands.
Hill’s wife had mayonnaise on her shirt and face when officers located her. According to the woman, Hill had forcefully smashed the bun into her face the second time.

Hill was taken into custody and later bonded out of jail. I have yet to find an update on anything that may have happened to him since, perhaps for good reason. At the time of his arrest his weapons permit was confiscated, so he may have starved to death by now.

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