Blink-182 Have A New Song. It’s Called Bored To Death And It Isn’t Bad

I used to really like Blink-182 when I was younger. I wouldn’t say I hate them now, but it’s been a long ass time since I’ve paid them any mind. If memory serves, that started around the time they put out that I Miss You song. It irrationally annoyed me whenever he’d say the word head like “yed” and I just couldn’t get over it, so that was the end of us for a while.

But now they’re back…ish, and I think I might like their new song. I say ish because they’re a man down (make that a Man Overboard) since Tom DeLonge is off making his own music and seemingly auditioning for a guest spot on Coast to Coast AM.

The new voice you hear is Matt Skiba from the band Alkaline Trio, who are also good.

The new Blink album, California, is set to come out on July 1st. I plan on checking it out, especially now that services like Spotify make taking chances on new music you may not be sure about into much less of a risk.

Spotify Premium is worth every penny, by the way. Carin and I get our subscriptions as part of our Rogers cell phone plans, but I’d almost certainly pay for it myself if that ever stops. I highly recommend you try it out if you’re one who tends to listen to a good bit of music. It’s so handy that now and then I think about trading in my CD collection to save space, even though that’s likely not the best idea what with the future of digital services always being uncertain and whatnot.

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