Chinese People Are Still Throwing Coins Into Plane Engines For Luck. It’s Still A Bad Idea

If the airplane COVID doesn’t kill you, perhaps the paper-wrapped coins some putz chucked into the engine will. Yes, people are still doing that.

It wasn’t Lucky Air this time, but they did fall victim to this phenomenon again in 2020, according to the story. In that case, a 28-year-old man was ordered to pay a fine of 120000 yuan ($23,696.80 Canadian) to the airline for its trouble.

The incident reportedly took place at an airport in Weifang. A male passenger, identified with the last name Wang, was scheduled to fly from Weifang to Haiku on a Beibu Gulf Airlines flight GX8814 when he threw a handful of coins into the engine.
Fortunately, the staff was soon alerted about the coins in the engine after workers found coins on the ground during the pre-takeoff inspection.
Wang reportedly admitted having thrown six coins wrapped in red paper inside the plane’s engine.

The staff managed to recover all the coins but the flight had to be cancelled due to safety concerns. All 148 passengers were forced to do deboard and wait for another flight until the next morning.
Following the incident, WAng was detained by the police.

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