Try Out Dictation Bridge, Kind Of

Since Carin and I have talked a couple of times about Dictation Bridge, we thought some of you might be interested in trying out the proof of concept code that the team behind the project has just released.

This is Proof-Of-Concept code, which means that it is used to show that what we claim is possible. Most of this code will not make it into production, or will be heavily modified.
The showcase is an NVDA add-on that does the following things:
• Echos back recognized text when dictating while using Microsoft Windows speech-recognition or Dragon from Nuance.
• Makes it possible for a user to interact using speech with the Windows speech-recognition corrections dialog.
Current Limitations
• When using Dragon, the echo-back feature only works in rich edit controls; therefore no echo-back in web browsers or in Microsoft Office applications.
• The Windows speech-recognition dialog is accessible only via voice.

You can go here for more information and a download link. And if you’d like to contribute, the crowdfunding campaign is still ongoing. Right now it’s at $4055 with a month left to reach the $20000 they’re shooting for, so if you’ve thought about pitching in, you may want to get on it. Seriously, at the rate 2016 is going, the next month is going to be gone before we know it.

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