Did Somebody Say McSeagull

I am very much a man of two minds here. Half of me understands and is like yeah, if some son of a bitch seagull tried to take a meal I paid perfectly good money for I’d be pretty pissed and fixin’ to dish out a hurtin’, but at the same time, why in the hell would I ever want to bite one? That seems like a fine way to give yourself something unpleasant and possibly harmful. Although upon further reflection, perhaps I’m a man of three minds. Who knows what some of that fast food is made of. Is that chicken really chicken, or does my seagull friend know something I don’t and is just trying to avenge a family member taken too soon? Anyway, to make a long story short, this is definitely one of the stranger food feuds I’ve seen.

Plymouth Live understands the man – a 26-year-old local – claimed he was being attacked for his McDonald’s meal and in response he grabbed the bird and bit it.
The police spokesperson told Plymouth Live: “He sunk his teeth into it before throwing it to the floor.
“Officers had seen the incident and immediately went over and detained and took details from him.
“Around this time, the man volunteered the information that he was under the influence of drugs and it was decided that he should be taken to Derriford Hospital for treatment.
“The seagull was clearly injured by the incident but flew off before we were able to check on its welfare. We don’t know what happened to it afterwards.”

The unidentified man was also arrested, and could find himself in a not insignificant bit of trouble. Seagulls are a protected species under the Wildlife and Countryside Act, which means that injuring or killing them is punishable by up to six months in prison or a £5,000 fine. You could eat at McDonald’s at least two or three times with that kind of money.

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  1. When that pigeon took a big crapperoo on my Toronto bus station breakfast, I never would have thought of grabbing and biting it, even though my breakfast was ruined. Yuck!

    1. Did it actually shit in it or did it just land on it?  Not that it really matters, I’m just trying to remember.  But good on you and your self control.  No unnecessary avian diseases for you.

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