Joe Schmoe Show Update

Last Updated on: 9th October 2013, 05:11 pm

Well, we’re only TWO DAYS AWAY from the finale of the Joe Schmoe Show. So, yesterday Spike TV ran the entire Joe Schmoe Series leading up to this point in it’s entirety in a Joe Schmoe Marathon. It was 8 hours long and I AM DAMN PROUD to say that I saw 6 hours and 43 minutes of it, y’know, just to refresh my memory before the big show.

The final episode does a great job to set up the final. The evicted house mates ahve returned and have all made their votes. The 3 left in the house are The Hutch, Bryan, and Matt. (our poor Joe) The winner will be announced right off the top of the show on Tuesday with the rest of the show being devoted to Matt’s reaction to finding out he’s been had by these people in front of THE ENTIRE COUNTRY.

It’s hard to say how Matt will re-act. He’s not overly bright but he’s such a good guy. He’ll either laugh this off or go on a murderous rampage. That’s not meant to be a joke.

Something like this could really screw with someone’s head. When he looks back at all he went through and finds out it’s all been fake, he could really flip. We had how emotional he got during Earl’s eviction, his constant standing up for Kip, and his resulting battles with Hutch, the fact that he thinks he’s become such good friends with Bryan who is really just an actor. There are a lot of wild cards here that make the finale extremely unpredictable. He’s gone through a lot during his time in the house and it was all fake. How would you take it? I’d probably be on the murderous rampage side of things. However, I have a feeling Matt’s gonna laugh this off… eventually. I think it’s gonna take a long time for it to sink in that EVERYTHING was fake. Not just the people, but all the contests, all the food, all the evictions, EVERYTHING.

Or…. Have WE been had? Is Matt an actor too? It’s the consipiracy theory in me. But hey, it’s possible.

I know I’ll be watching. Something like this doesn’t come around everyday, and I for one won’t be missing it.

I’m Out.

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