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Last Updated on: 19th September 2013, 08:45 pm

On Saturday night I was lucky enough to see something incredibly enjoyable. Yup. The Florida Marlins spanking the hugely favoured New York Yankees right there in the middle of New York City for the world to see!

How can you not love that? The high priced, much favoured, all-star line-up of the New York Yankees getting disposed of by, of all teams, the Florida Marlins right at Yankee Stadium. It was a pleasure to see.

At the beginning of the year I guarantee you that not one of you would have put a red cent on the Florida Marlins to even make the playoffs, let alone be World Series Champions. But they carried on their way quietly becoming one of the best teams in baseball while at the same time being one of the youngest.

The Marlins sent a 23 year old pitcher to the mound in a game where they could potentially win the World Series to face the powerful New York Yankee offense. How could not cheer for Beckett and the Marlins? The kid pitched one of the greatest games in World Series History. When I saw him pick up the ball and tag Posada to end the game it was a great feeling to watch his reaction. His manager had faith in his 23 year old ace to go out and pitch a complete game, and that’s what he did.

Just one final note. The Florida Marlins became the first visiting team to win the World Series at Yankee Stadium since 1981. Considering how many times the Yankees have gotten to that World Series, that really says something about the heart this team put in to it.


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