Everybody Loves Dumbasses

Last Updated on: 7th April 2020, 02:41 pm

Since I am nothing if not a fair man, I must take a moment to be fair to Katy Perry, who is not in fact the dumbest person to soil the set of who Wants to Be A Millionaire. I thought she would be a shoe-in, but once again I have been reminded of something I know all too well. There is no limit to the stupidity of human beings.

The reminder came in the form ofPatricia Heaton,the wife on Everybody Loves Raymond. By the way, no matter how many people try to convince me otherwise, that show is not funny. I could probably go on for hours about that, but that’s not why we’re here. Why we’re here is to watch what seems to be a perfectly rational and reasonably intelligent woman completely lose all grasp on…well, pretty much everything. I’m no good at math, but this is just ridiculous. she starts freaking out before Regis even finishes the question and it’s all down hill from there.

Just in case you can’t make it through the entire 8 minutes of hell, she does end up getting the question right, but only after Regis pretty well tells her listen, here’s the answer, can we just say final so I can go home for Christ’s sake?

I think it’s really nice that the Millionaire people are wanting to give so much money to charity, but it would be great if next time around they canned the celebrities and just quietly wrote out cheques. Wasting 10 minutes or more per show on idiots like these makes the show look stupid and belittles the accomplishments of the regular contestants.

And for the sake of accuracy, ask the audience didn’t get replaced like I said in the first Millionaire post I wrote.It’s still there, but the article I linked to about the show coming back made it sound like it wouldn’t be. Mistakes in a newspaper? Impossible!

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