This Sick Experiment Needs To Be Ended

Last Updated on: 23rd September 2013, 08:41 pm

I just watched the Leaf game and I’m so sick and tired of watching the Leafs play perfectly good games and still having a bad taste in my mouth afterwards. It’s the same thing every time. God damn sack of crap Wade Belak.

We see the same routine with this guy and Pat Quinn. Quinn puts him in the line-up, he takes a stupid, non-sensical penalty that costs the Leafs, Quinn yanks him from the line-up for a game apparently disgusted with him, and then puts him back in the following game. GIVE IT UP!!! The guy is terrible. He does the same thing everytime. Why keep trying?

Well, Quinn will tell you why. According to Quinn he’s “extremely” valuable because he can play both forward and defense.

Now let me make something very clear. That doesn’t mean shit if you suck at BOTH positions. Honestly. I could go and play forward and defense for the Leafs. That doesn’t mean I’m any good at either of them.

You’re taking up a roster spot on either position for a guy that will not get you any points. Many will say that you need that kinda guy on your team for grit. When was the last time you saw him come to the aid of one of his team mates like a Domi does? he doesn’t do that. He can’t be physical without breaking the rules… so give up on this guy. This Sick experiment is over and it hasn’t worked. MOVE ON.

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