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“There was an article on ProWrestling.Com and on many other pro wrestling insider sites that reported that Ticket Master had an event for people to order
tickets from. This wasn’t just an ordinary event as it was lated as: “WCW New Year’s Evil.” Now, to what I’m aware of, the WWE isn’t planning a return
of the WCW ‘brand’. Plans do change, of course, as it is the WWE that we’re talking about here.
What do you guys think of this?”

Well Nick, I did hear about that but right now I’m not reading all that much into it because like you said, plans change. I think it might have been a listing that we weren’t supposed to see that somehow found it’s way onto the site, and that it could have been an indication of where future storylines were going. I’m not so sure about that anymore, since to properly build up a show like that would require a few months, and if they were aiming for the 31st of December, they don’t have that kind of time anymore. Is the listing even still there? Perhaps they took it down since I haven’t heard anything about it since it was first discovered.

It’s also entirely possible that some small promotion decided to try to use the WCW name to draw publicity. I know it sounds stupid but it’s not outside of what could be considered impossible. People have done some seriously dumb things in the name of getting themselves some recognition.

As for your comment about it not being the end of the world if Matt doesn’t get me anything for Christmas, I hope you’re joking. I would like to inform you that it would in fact cause the end of all civilization as we know it here on our little section of space if I were not to be given something from him. For the sake of yourself and those you care about, you’d better hope against all hope that he gets me something and more than that, that I actually like it.

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