It’s About Time

Last Updated on: 28th September 2013, 12:55 pm

Top UK judge blasts U.S. for Guantanamo Bay

I’m glad somebody finally said something like this and that the media is finally listening. If any Americans reading this wonder why the rest of the world hates you so much, look no further than your government and things exactly like Guantanamo Bay. It’s not all of you we can’t stand, it’s the people that you didn’t elect to run your lives for you, and the members of the public who don’t have the good sense to not stand for what they’re doing.

And please, I beg of you, vote for a change in 2004, or at least try. What these assholes are doing doesn’t just concern you and your country, it impacts the rest of us as well because you are one of, if not the most powerful nation in the world. That’s all from me for now. Sorry about getting all political on you all there but it just had to be said.

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