These People Are So Nice… And I Hate Them For It

Last Updated on: 10th October 2013, 09:38 am

Well I’m home. I’ve been back for a day or so now but the jetlag was hittin’ me pretty heavy so I didn’t feel like saying much.

I’ve read back a bit. There’s been quite the flow of comments since I’ve been gone. Nice to see. Everything from the demise of A-Time’s most recent relationship to the unvailing of the already suspected truth about Nick and Gee has drawn some interest.

Since those were the two big happenings since I left I will very very briefly address both.

First. I said about two weeks ago Gee and Nick were the same person… It’s nice to be proven right. Thanks Nick. Better luck next time. Steve and the readers here are too smart to let your little slip ups sneak by.

I know A-time pretty well and he is one sexy beast. He’ll be back on the horse in no time.

So today is my first day back at work and everyone here has been really interested in my trip and had a million questions which is nice… but it sucks at the same time. I got a week’s worht of things sitting on my desk to get to and everyone that walks by stops and says “hello, how was the trip.” I can handle that. It’s the ones that keep stopping with a new question and who don’t take subtle hints of looking back at the screen or short choppy answers well that are bothering me. I have things to do, too… possibly more so than you do today because of my absense. Let me get to it and ask me at lunch or something. It’s pretty frustrating, really.

Oh well. They all mean well I suppose. Our team placed second over there so I’d say it went pretty well. We would have preferred the gold but we’ve never even medaled at this tournament before so the silver was a significant step for us. The competition is definitely stiffer in Europe so just to medal is good and shows good signs as we get ready for the Olympics.

Well that’s enough for now. I can’t very well complain about people bothering me at work and then not work and post here so I’ll get back to it.

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