Teacher’s Strikes And Lazy Bastards

Last Updated on: 10th May 2013, 07:55 pm

I love when people send me stuff to post, it makes it look like I’m working really hard to update the site and provide content when I’m actually just checking the mail and pasting stuff into the box. So in that spirit, I got this from everybody’s favourite comment board poster, Greg Twilly, who asked me if I’d post it, and I am, because it’s funny and he makes a few good points here. Not only that but Greg rules and deserves to have every word he says read and respected by all.

Remember, neither Matt nor I wrote this and I’m not correcting anybody’s spelling, I’m posting this as is, same goes for anybody else who sends me anything, which anyone out there is welcomed to do by the way. So now, here’s Greg!

for those of you out there that are going to colleges in ontario, you are in the same situation that i, greg twilly am in. tonight at midnight the teachers
are supposed to go on strike. this strike may last a couple of days, but they say that it shouldnt go any longer than 2 weeks. thats great. i dont care
if it lasts until next wedenesday, that way i can watch all of the trades in the nhl on the deadline day, but if it goes any longer, i think that all of
the teachers can go fuck themselves with their high paying job paystubs!! they dont feel that they get enough time off. THEY GET 14 WEEKS A YEAR OFF!!
lets start with the winter semester, jan – april. march break – 1 week, usually 2 weeks between semesters, which brings us to the summer semester. at
my school, or at least my program, they get 7 week off in the summer semester, and yet another 2 weeks between semesters. and finally, the fall semester.
they dont get any weeks off during the semester, but they get 2 weeks off in december for christmas break. i didnt mention the stat holidays, but there
are 6 stat holidays = 1 week. so there, if my math is correct, is 15 weeks of time off for the bastards. now, i dont know about you, but i dont know
of too many jobs that offer 15 weeks of holiday time. most jobs you start with 2 weeks and you get more the longer you work there, but you would have
to work in a place for like 60 years to get that much time off. so now they are talking about the amount of students that are comming out of high school
now and are entering post secondary schools. for the colleges, cut your numbers for enrollment down, make it harder for the little horny fucks to get
in, make it so that you better the college by not having so many people drop out. that is all that the colleges are in it for is the money. when i started
my program, there was about 120 students accepted. there are now maybe 60 left. that is half of the students that have dropped out, and mostly in the
first or second semester. that is $78,000 that they got from students for tuition, and where is it going? the other thing about the over population is
that in some ways it is the teachers faults. how many of your teachers have kids in high school? use a fucking condom or the pill, thats what that shit
is there for. at my school, they have been constructing and renovating like mad. in the 3 years that i have been there, they have added on or built 7
or 8 new buildings. these teachers are probably going to strike and fuck the students over. they are going to delay the end of the semester, which they
dont have time to do, and if they decide to cancel this semester, well then the class is going to be bigger again next year. and what about the students
that are graduating after this semester, who have jobs that they are supposed to start when they are done?
so there you go! tonight we find out if they are going to strike, but hopefully they can work this stuff out by friday.
and for all of the teachers that are whining about they jobs, suck it up and get back to work.

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