Why Some Of You Are Here

Last Updated on: 17th September 2013, 08:15 pm

It’s been a little while since I’ve done this and a few of these have just recently caught my eye so here we go with another exciting episode of Stuff People Searched For.

For anybody who is new to the site who might not know how this works, it’s pretty simple. Our hit counter can tell where people came from if they clicked here through a link from another site. This includes the added bonus of logging what search terms that person used if they got here through a search engine like Google or Yahoo. Some of these things are weird to say the least, and we get so many of them that there are actually ones we don’t even bother with anymore, like searches for Randy Orton’s penis or the size thereof, both of which are listed in the list of the last 20 search requests. So here for your amusement are some of the ways that some of your fellow readers found the site. I always wonder how many of these guys stick around to watch me make fun of them or even become regular readers. I’d ask you to comment but I’m sure that you’d never speak up. Don’t worry, if I were some of you I wouldn’t either.

07 May, Fri, 20:01:51
little teen extreme humiliated vomit

I’m not sure what kind of porn this person was looking for, but count me out.

19 May, Wed, 16:19:57
oringal six nhl hockey teams

Hey buddy, here’s a tip for you. Maybe before we worry about the hockey trivia we should work on the spelling a little bit first. But I’m thinking that since you still managed to find your way here that it was probably one of Matt’s posts that triggered the result. Way to go Matt, your creative use of the English language is helping the site grow, one tard at a time.

Sticking with the hockey theme, it seems that the person with the Matt Stajan obsession has decided to go about things a little bit differently.

22 May, Sat, 00:24:32
matt stajan + girlfriend

Smart thinking there. Probably best to not be so forward with the whole nudity thing and make sure that he’s single and available first.

21 May, Fri, 08:15:31
kevin smith dolphin molester

This one cracked me up, and it was my favourite until I saw this one.

22 May, Sat, 09:49:40
batman cooked midget erection

I submitted this one to the What The Fuck Department and not even they could tell me what in hell this person could have possibly been looking for. Whatever it is I hope he hasn’t found it yet since the world will be a lot safer with guys like that inside the house on a search engine rather than out walking the streets with the rest of us.

Sadly that brings us to the end of our fun for another day. But don’t worry, for as long as the world has search engines and the Vomit Comet, we will live to play again very soon.

So until next time remember that…ahh shit, I can’t think of one. Forget it, just keep searching for things so I can keep this bit going.

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