Freedom? Normality? What’s that?

Last Updated on: 21st June 2018, 10:33 am

I saw something on the news that scared me. Apparently, because of a few numbnutses who like to make Crystal Meth, which can be made by using ingredients in common cold remedies, they want to restrict common cold remedies. What kind of stupid solution is that? Where does it stop? Next, are we going to ban common cleaning supplies because they can be used to make bombs? Cell phones because they can have explosives put in them? And oh, we can’t fly planes because they’ve been hijacked! Anything and everything can be used for bad purposes if someone thinks hard enough. The solution is not to ban the thing, because the people with the meth labs will just find another thing to use. How about solving the problem instead of wrecking everything for everyone else? The only people who suffer in this are the people who just have a bad cold and need some medicine.

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