You Said it was Ok, I Should Have Known It Wasn’t.

Last Updated on: 27th September 2013, 05:19 am

Ok, since the creative juices seem to be flowing, why don’t I get an idea down that’s been bugging me for a while? Why do people have to play such games, especially when they start dating? Girls seem to love this, so much so that sometimes I’m ashamed to be one.

First there’s the waiting game. I hear other girls saying they want equality, but then they still wait for the guy to ask them out. You have a mouth, use it! If he’s scared off by a few words, then he’s not worth it.

Then there’s the calling game. “No, I won’t call him, I want to see if he really wants me.” Piss off. What if he decided to play the same game? Wouldn’t that be a lovely pickle you’ve got yourselves into? Each of you waiting for the other, then each of you pissed at the other for not calling, then giving up on something that could have been good if one of you had stopped playing the chess game of dating, forgotten strategy and just made a fucking move? It would make a whole lot more sense, and then you’d at least know where each other stands.

If you manage to get past the asking and the calling, there’s the opposites game. First of all, what the hell’s with playing hard to get? The way I see it, playing hard to get only works with creeps who don’t really give two shits what you think and will push for their way anyway, people who can’t read people’s signals, and people who think they’re God’s gift to the opposite sex and will chase you like Peppy Le pew. Do you really want to date one of those anyway? The ones you really want will get your signal and promptly go away.

And here comes the fun, when they say the opposite of what they really mean. “Na, I don’t mind if we stay out late.” “Yeah, let’s go home.” When they really mean, “I can’t stand this place and your friends” and “I’d like to stay longer.” Say what you god damn mean! Don’t leave the guy to guess. Then there’s the “I’m fine” game. She says she’s fine, but her body language is saying “I’m going to rip your face off soon.” Even when the poor guy asks what’s wrong, she still says there’s nothing. And then the complaining about the guy being insensitive starts. Well what do you think? You’ve taught him not to care because you won’t tell him what the hell you’re thinking.

And if the two manage to talk in backwards speak and read each other’s reverse signals and stay together, one of them thinks they can change the other one with work. My question to them is, why are you bothering to date him/her if you don’t like what you see? It’s one thing to mention a couple things, or reach compromises if you’re living with them. But when you’re trying to “shape” them into what you want, to the point that you’re making them change who they are, nagging at them constantly, maybe you should rethink the relationship. What do you think that nagging crap does to the other guy? Do you really think it’s actually helping them?

And those are the big ones that make my head spin. Then again, I’m single, so maybe I’m the one who doesn’t understand.

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