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Last Updated on: 15th August 2013, 09:10 am

Here we go, running through my crazy mind. I’ve been thinking about a few things, but they all seem small and insignificant on their own, so I thought I’d throw them together and see what happened. So here we go.

I was in a ZEHRS the other day, and in case you didn’t know, ZEHRS is a grocery store, when I heard something that frightened me. I heard, “Bill, please call electronics.” Electronics? In a grocery store? They already sell clothing and furniture in some of them, now they’re selling electronics? Why don’t they just become a mall at this rate? Now that I’ve said that, they’ll eat up the plazas they’re in and do just that. But seriously, why can’t a grocery store stick to being a grocery store? Must they all become Walmarts?

As I checked out, I saw something else that I always thought was kind of funny. This lady was checking out, paying with her debit card and having a jolly old chat with the store clerk. But sadly for her, the jolly old chat was ended abruptly when her card was declined. The clerk suddenly barked in the middle of her sentence, “You’re card’s declined.” The lady tried again and luckily it worked this time. But why is it that as soon as your card is declined, they make you feel like a shoplifter who’s going to be promptly arrested instead of a customer experiencing a minor technical difficulty? Those of you in stores, do you really get a ton of people who try to pay for stuff with money they don’t have, or use the declined card as some kind of a distraction and rob you? Seriously, whenever it happens to me, their demeaner changes so fast, and I always feel like the clerk has pressed a silent alarm and before I can say, “try again,”I’ll have my hands twisted behind my back and be dragged out of the store by force.

Then the other day I was in a convenience store and saw another example of people’s rudeness, only this time it was from the customer. Why is it that a lot of smokers, when they ask for their cigarettes, walk up to the counter, don’t say hi, hello, nice day isn’t it? They just bark what brand of cigarettes they would like. I can’t say this of all smokers, but I see it a lot, and it makes me sad. All you rude people, how can you expect to be treated courteously by people in stores if you treat them like that? And the sucky part is the effect mushrooms, so even all the people who *are* nice to the clerks have to pay for your rudeness.

Moving on from rude people, there are stupid people, and they seem to be coming out of the woodwork in droves in New Orleans. You know the deal, the hurricane, the flooding, the destruction, the dead people/chemical/sewage soup that’s everywhere in the city. And then some morons start looting, shooting, and causing more destruction. Seriously, I guess on the simplest level I can see somebody seeing this disaster as an opportunity to take what you can, every man for himself. But as my dad put it, how far can you swim with a TV on your back? It just goes to show how accurate the book “Lord of the Flies” really was.

And on a stupid but funny note, it always makes me laugh when you’re watching a TV show, and just before the commercial break, a voice comes on and says “Now you can own the show you’re watching, delivered to you on VHS for only $24.95.” Or, why don’t you save your 25 bucks and tape the damn thing? I wonder how many people actually think that’s a good idea and pick up the phone or click on the website and go buy the episode.

Even better are the old talk shows that actually sell transcripts of what happened. Who in hell would want:
Bob: Yes, I cheated on my wife.
Marg: You bastard! How could you?
mass chaos ensues.

Like come on. Really boring.

And that’s about all for now. I’m sure I’ll think of something more coherent later.

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