Hello, 911? We Wouldn’t Like To Report A Robbery, But We’re Too Stupid Not To

Last Updated on: 26th November 2013, 08:51 am

Reason 17392 why you A: never program 911 into your cellphone contacts and B: always lock the aforementioned cellphone: If you knock off a Target to the tune of some DVDs and video games and then want to brag about it while you’re getting away, the getaway might suddenly become much more difficult than you had anticipated.

Police said the two men entered the Target store Tuesday afternoon. When they got into their SUV after the heist, 911 got a call and the dispatcher listened in as they “yakked, jawed, and chortled about all they had done.”

In the nearly one hour call, police said the men bragged about what they stole, described the vehicle they were in and where they were going next.

“The men even dialogued about how police would be looking for a blue Dodge Durango without license plates, so they decided to put the plates back on,” police said in a release.

Police officers followed the pair and, as the two men got out of the SUV at another parking lot, arrested them.

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