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Last Updated on: 8th November 2013, 11:39 am

I’ve been thinking about some weird things people do or weird things I’ve seen that just make me go, why? I don’t know if they’re good enough to make separate posts, so…isn’t this predictable? I decided to throw them together. Mmm…who knows what soup!

I saw an annoying Canadian Tire commercial where the dog is sniffing out everyone’s Christmas presents and figuring out what they’ve gotten. Ok it’s not nearly as annoying as the fiow-plathe one, but it does know how to grab my attention and make me go huh? At first the dog is sniffing out barbies and drills and everything. And then it gets to a remote-controled car with an mp3 hookup on it. At this point, my head spins. I’m all for technology combining, but in what evil parallel universe does that make sense? You are controling the car *remotely*. That means you’re *away* from it. What possible legitimate reason would you have to play music on it that you won’t be able to hear because you’re away from the music-playing object, and will always be away from it because you’re controling it remotely? Is it specifically designed to be an irritation tool to be used on the lucky brat’s siblings and parents?

I got thinking about Sesame street, I think because I turned on CFRU and a kids’ show was on with a clip of Bert and Earny playing. It led me to thinking about something that crossed my mind as a kid. I guess I was a pretty unimaginative and square kid, because I remember thinking. “Hmm…these guys sound old. Why do they have toys and still share the same room?” But they had a whole place. Why did they share a room? And I’ve never seen grown-ups with places have toys unless they had little ones running around. I never thought they were gay, but I remember thinking that I wanted to be out of my house and not sharing a room with my sister by the time I had a grown-up voice. Maybe it was the fact that I couldn’t see the little puppet face. Maybe that was what made it odd. But it was odd for sure, and still I watched and went ha ha ha along with them. Ah the weird powers of Sesame street. Too bad it’s going to hell in a handbasket.

And speaking of kids, negligent parents, and other goodness related to kids, why in the good holy hell do some parents cart their sick children out to social events? I was at a potluck yesterday, and in walks this woman with her kid. Someone commented on how quiet her kid was. The mother responded, “Oh she’s not feeling the best, she’s been fighting this for a few weeks now.”

Ok, why in hell did you bring her? I see so many things wrong with this that…where should I begin? And, must I?

First off, she’s sick. Why isn’t she at home? If the mom can’t get a babysitter, then maybe she should do the mom thing and, um, stay home with her sick kid. And if the kids’ been fighting this for weeks, what in hell is the mom doing wasting time at a potluck? Shouldn’t they be somewhere else, like, oh, say, a doctor’s office?

Let’s take mommy and snotty-nosed child out of the mix. Why is mommy bringing snotty-nosed child into a bunch of people if she knows she’s got something she’s been dealing with for a while? Does she want to make us all sick? Do people consider others at all anymore?

Maybe I’m just noticing the selfishness of people because my neighbours are driving that point home daily. Ok, not my
cool neighbour, but the new assholes who took his place after his unfortunate death. They smash beer bottles and leave their trash on the apartment steps, they smoke inside their house even though all they’d have to do is walk out their door and out another door to smoke outside, they even smoke inside in the summer. But the thing that makes me stare in bewilderment is the noise at all hours of the day and night. It doesn’t matter if it’s noon, 4 in the afternoon, the evening or 4 o’clock in the fucking morning. Great masses of people seem to enter and exit their apartment daily, slamming, thumping and banging their way in and out the door as they make their way. First of all, what the fuck are they doing to make that much noise? I’ve tried to make noise by slamming the door, and I don’t even come close to making the racket they make on a regular basis. Second, can they learn to have some respect for their neighbours? Please? I’ve asked them to stop smoking in their house because it seaps into mine and this is not a smoking-permitted building, and they won’t stop. I’ve asked them to be more careful about the broken glass, and they don’t care. I really hope they get evicted soon, because frankly, the selfish pricks need to think of more people than no. 1 for a change. Woops, that was a little more fuming than I planned it to be. But hey I’m not taking it back.

And this latest thing that some of my friends like to do baffles me. They call me repeatedly when I’m out somewhere, saying how much they want to hear from me. Then when I call them back, expecting to hear earth-shattering news or some crazy new development in their lives, all I get is the mundane happenings of their day, and then they start watching the simpsons or playing with something nearby. Then I find out that they just called me so many times because they were bored.

Ok, I have no problem with hearing about how their day went. That’s cool, but don’t call me three times in a row, with specifications of times before which I should call, please please please, unless there’s something crazy going on. Call,, leave a message, I will call you back. And if you’re just calling me because you were bored, don’t fucking bother. I should rephrase that. Maybe it’s all in the delivery. If you call because you thought about me and felt like giving me a call, sweet. Someone’s thinking of me. That kinda brightens my day. But it really makes me feel meaningless when you say you called because there was nothing else to watch on the TV and you were bored, and then proceed to say nothing. Thanks for wasting my time as well as yours. Maybe my time couldn’t be wasted right now, but you made me feel as though I had to drop everything to call you. They do that, or they say something that could have taken five minutes and perhaps could have been left on a message if it was so important that it needed 3 attempts at catching me. But is being bored really a good enough excuse to phone/message bomb me? Am I that unreliable at returning phone calls that you feel the need to hound me for a call-back? I’m sure you can find another way to cure your boredom.

Well, wasn’t that great gobs of pleasantness? Hope you enjoyed my steam-blowing off session. I didn’t expect it to be that long.

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