Living Rooms And Room For The Dead?

Last Updated on: 27th March 2020, 02:25 pm

Ok, hopefully someone can explain this one to me. I’ve seen this in a couple of towns, so I know it’s not just some kind of freak thing. There will be a furniture store, and right next door, a funeral home. Both are owned by the same people!

What is that? That is the weirdest pairing of things I’ve ever seen. Do they think you might need a better bed to rest your head, and failing that, a final resting place? Perhaps you’d be interested in a couch or a casket? Or, do people often die on furniture, so you need new ones to replace them? but if you’re grieving, is that really the time to replace the chair?

So, why the hell would more than one family own a furniture store and a funeral home? What’s the connection? When I said to my dad that I thought it was weird, he acted like this was completely normal, and looked at me as if I was the weird one. Why?

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