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Last Updated on: 26th September 2013, 10:54 am

Well hello all. I hope everyone’s having or has had a good holiday, and is now full of turkey/desserts/whatever else you might have eaten/drank over the past few days. I had a good holiday, it was pretty cool to see my sister back on this side of the pond since she spent almost 2 years in Korea teaching English. I didn’t have any huge monumental things happen to me, just your usual run of the mill holiday fun, but a bunch of stuff ran through my head, and since the next few days are bound to be chaotic, here’s the pile of stuff that ran through my head. Let’s divide it into the good and the bad, the yea and the boo!

Yea: Getting an Ipod shuffle for Christmas rocks. I think it’s the only mp3 player without a screen on it. So there’s a chance that this bumbling blink might be able to figure it out. That was like woe way over the top from my brother. Also, getting a pile of funky Korean souvenirs rocks. I now know I was born in the year of the sheep.

boo: To all you morons with guns in Toronto, piss off with your random shooting sprees. Seriously, how senseless, thoughtless, and absolutely fucking stupid is it that some armed lunatics in a BMW fired into a random crowd of boxing day shoppers on a busy street? I mean, it’s bad enough that there’s gang violence going on, it’s bad enough that young lives are being wasted over some differences in gang territory or who the hell knows what, it’s bad enough that there are more funerals needed after a shooting at a funeral. But at least those shootings were connected, and maybe there was a reason to explain why those people got shot. I’m not saying it was right that some 50 people died this year in Toronto because of that stuff. But I guess it kind of makes sense. It’s kind of like when someone gets burned after they put their hand on the stove. Well, if they hadn’t put their hand on the stove, they wouldn’t have gotten burned. It doesn’t make it any less painful, but you can understand it happening. But to fire into a crowd of completely innocent bystanders? What in hell is that? That’s like someone turning on the stove and it exploding in their face, except a stove explosion, in most cases, isn’t carried out by people with minds enough to understand that what they’re about to do is bad. IT’s an accident. Someone sticking a gun out their BMW’s window and pulling the trigger is not a fucking accident. It’s a disgusting lack of respect for human life, and it makes me sick.

Yea: well now that I’ve let out I guess the heaviest part of the post, I’m happy to hear that that horrible excuse for a television show “growing Up Gotti” has been canned. God, that show just drove me nuts whenever I watched a bit of it. I think it’s about x-mob-boss John Gotti’s daughter raising her 3 obnoxious teenagers, and being a super bitch about everything to everyone. I mean, to do a whole episode about preventing her son from going to college in Boston just because she doesn’t want him to leave the nest is a waste of TV time. I’m glad the ratings agree with me, and, good riddance, hopefully those boots that are made for walkin’ don’t get slammed in the door on the way out.

Boo: What is with the huge amount of porn spam today?! Is it porn spam day or something? Or maybe it’s Give a Few Grannies Cardiac Arrest Day. Seriously, I opened my spam folder, and just about puked. I usually get a mix of spam trying to sell me cheap software, spam trying to make my absent member bigger, spam selling me cheap drugs of all kinds and mortgage deals, and the scams from Mrs. el googoogoo from the state of walawalablablabla trying to get my banking information so she can make me rich beyond my wildest dreams, and, sprinkled in there, some really nasty gems describing the porn I can have a look at if I just go to their site. They’re not just, well, making vague references to what I can have. You know the ones. There’s usually references to children or animals, and lots of descriptive words like oozing, squirting, dripping, ok I’m going to stop before I lose my lunch.

Well, today, I had nothing in my spam folder but those gems! What is with that? Talk about your Christmas gift.

yea: That’s some awesome not so wintery weather. Hey there, mother nature! If you can hear me, you can just keep doing that for a little while. Any time I can be spared from freezing all extremities off in the bone-chilling cold would be awesome. I know, I’m a giant wimp, and I should just deal with it, after all, this is Canada. But we can all find something we don’t like about where we live, and this is it for me.

Boo: I’ve run out of stuff to say. Unless a miracle happens, I probably won’t get around to writing anything up here until after Newyears. So happy Newyear everyone, and stay safe so you can come back and read more in 2006.

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