Siegfried And Lunch

Last Updated on: 10th October 2013, 09:27 am

I swear to all of you that I’m not making this up. I saw it on a newswire so until I hear otherwise this is absolutely true. Where do they find these people? This was just one of the stories that we covered on the
today, and we had a good laugh about it, for obvious reasons. Well maybe they’re not so obvious to Roy Horn but that doesn’t mean that we can’t have a little fun at his expense. This makes me laugh every time I read it and again, I didn’t write this, it was reported as actual news on an actual news site so if it’s not true then it’s not my fault.

LAS VEGAS (Wireless Flash) — The white tiger who attacked animal illusionist Roy Horn has a message for him and Siegfried: “I need more time off.”

That’s what Montecore, the 600-pound white tiger reportedly told animal psychic Charlene Boyd when she telepathically visited him in his cage.

Boyd says Montecore attacked Roy because he was tired, “felt more was expected than he could handle” and because “he needed more down time.”

Even worse: Montecore feels little remorse for his actions even though he told Boyd he probably mauled the wrong trainer. In Boyd’s words, “He thought Roy
is `okay’ but didn’t care for Siegfried.”

The chances of Montecore going back on stage again are slim, but Boyd says the tiger wouldn’t mind as long as “there’s more emphasis on tiger education.”

Gees, where to begin with that. There’s nothing I could say here to make that any funnier. Guess I’ll just go and look for other topics or something and let you guys ponder the concept of an animal psychic. Man, that’s right up there with pet therapist on the usefulness scale.

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