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Last Updated on: 5th November 2013, 01:12 pm

Man, all I can say when I read this story is, oh the irony.

Staff at UNICEF in South Asia are getting increasingly upset with the fact that the organization has partnered with Guchi for fund-raising purposes, with good reason. Here’s something that will kick your campaign, and your good name, squarely in the nuts. Guchi is owned by PPR. It has some Asian suppliers who like to use sweatshops to help lower some operating costs. Of course, we know that sweatshops like to exploit the very people UNICEF is trying to help. Um, oh dear. That’s bad, very very bad. How could somebody have not noticed that little detail? You’d think that, when partnering with an organization, you’d do a little research first. They must be really desperate for money. Ug I hate it when charities go bad. I’m just glad someone has the balls to fight to try and redeem them. I hope it can be done.

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