Do Unto Yourself as the People in These Pictures are Doing Unto Each Other.

Last Updated on: 26th June 2013, 04:47 pm

Here we go again with Telus in the news, only this time, I’m on their side.

Telus Mobility has decided to allow people to download porn on their cell phones for a fee. The porn that users can access has been checked to see if it meets federal and provincial standards, and only people who are 18 and over can get it, in theory anyway. Just wait until Little Johnny gets a hold of Mommy’s cell phone, but that’s another story.

Now, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Vancouver has got his shorts in a twist over it. He’s screaming that it’s wrong and is urging people to cancel their contracts with Telus Mobility. Telus is receiving oodles of complaints over this, and the number is rising. Shareholders are calling the move disgusting.

Woe! Everybody! Stop the bus and look out the window! Most cell phones now have web-browsers built into them, right? Which means you can surf the net on your own, right? Which means, if you know what you’re doing, you can find your own porn, and it might be far worse than anything Telus is offering!

And to those folks wanting to complain about even seeing the availability of porn on their cell phones, you don’t have to accept the offer, do you? They could next offer you voicemail. Do you have to take that too? Nobody’s shoving porn down your throat. If you don’t want it, say no, leave it for people who want it, and shut up!

And a final message to the appalled shareholders. Where were you when Telus was actually doing something bad? Where were the screaming masses when Telus was censoring its internet so subscribers couldn’t see what the company was up to? I don’t recall hearing a peep. Man people are stupid.

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