Ashley Kirilow’s Getting Let Out Of Jail

Last Updated on: 3rd March 2015, 03:37 pm

Well, it looks like they’re going to let Ashley Kirilow out of jail. Nobody bailed her out, but they decided to cut her a funky deal. She has a zillion conditions on her release, and if she violates any of them, she’ll have to pay them $5000.

I do agree with her lawyer, though. She’s no risk to society, but I shudder to think of what society may do to her. People send death threats over far smaller things. There are a lot of angry, angry people out there right now, and I don’t think she can find a single friend to help her.

What is it about her that makes her seem so…so…unprepared for life? Do others see it? Her emotional state changes on a dime, and it’s such extremes.

I think she’s going to pay for what she’s done in a lot of ways, and some go beyond the justice system.

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