Don’t Drink and Drive People Nuts

Last Updated on: 22nd September 2013, 09:06 am

When there’s a problem, people seem to find a need to pin the blame on someone, don’t they? It would be nice if they could figure out who the right person is to pin it on.

There’s a neighbourhood of…what should we call them…outraged area residents? Sure. Sounds good. They’re mad because they live near the main office of a cab company, and on a regular basis after the bars have closed, drunken hooligans come by, bang on the cab company’s window and demand a cab. Of course, this wakes up sleeping neighbours, and I understand why they’re pissed if it happens all the damn time. Apparently, it’s been happening for years, and they’ve tried to call the police, work with the cab company, come up with solutions, but nothing’s working.

But here’s where I part ways with our sleep-deprived neighbours. They’re trying to blame the problem on the cab company and put the onus on them to fix it! Ok? And how do they propose they do that? Pay the city to keep the buses running? Have lines of cabs at the bars to pick people up like at the train station? turn down the drunks and risk their cars getting smashed and cabbies getting hurt? How is the cab company going to stop drunks from being toolchests? At least these people are asking for cabs, not driving home and killing some poor area resident who happens to be out on the street. Then the rest of them would be really outraged. Would they tell the bar to pay for the person’s funeral?

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