We Had the Hot Seat, Now You Can Have A Cool Seat.

Last Updated on: 19th January 2015, 11:17 am

First we had the USB missile launcher. Then came the USB nuclear missile launcher. Then we got less warlike in our USB gadgets with the creation of the secret base emergency button, and finally, our laziness was shown with the invention of the USB ash tray.

But now, we have something for the What the Fuck department to analyze. It’s the USB…drum-roll please…bum-cooling cushion?

Yipper, that’s what it does. Don’t believe me? Then I quote.

How does it work? A built-in fan pulls in cool air from down near the base of your chair and pumps it up and out through holes in the seat of the cushion to cool your posterior down to a more comfortable temperature.

Have you ever sat in your chair and thought “Gee, my ass is hot. No other part of me is hot, though. If only I could cool my ass…” I never have, but maybe I’m in the minority. Or maybe these people are just weird. Either way, there it is.

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