Find the Idiot. Good Boy!

Last Updated on: 5th August 2013, 02:28 pm

Every time I read this story, it gets funnier.

It all starts when a group of 3 not so smart Georgia criminals think the abandoned nursing home would be a fine place to steal some copper wire. So off they go, not realizing that it is neither a nursing home nor abandoned anymore. They should have known this, the signs outside reading Caution!!! Gainesville Police Department K-9 training facility – Keep Out would have been a good clue. but nope, maybe they can’t read. They keep on truckin’.

Just then, some police decide to exercise their dogs at the, well, k-9 training facility that is just being robbed. If you already thought the robbers were stupid, they descend to a new low by dropping their tools and running from the dogs. Uh-huh. Brilliant, folks. You think you can outrun a whole canine unit? I don’t. And they didn’t.

The smartest one, Pamela Puckett, surrendered before the dogs could work their magic. The second guy, Marc Black, was tracked down behind a garbage can, and the third, Paul Perry, was captured by the dog and needed treatment for a superficial dog bite.

I guess the dogs passed the test. As for the people, not so much.

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