Illegal Debriefing

Last Updated on: 4th February 2015, 09:24 am

This is one of these stories that just keeps getting our star of the show into more and more trouble.

Our star of the show is Judge Herman thomas, already suspended for some ethical concerns when these complaints came up, which puts him in a bad light from the beginning. Several defendants, and by several I mean 12, say they were either taken out of jail or summoned by the judge to a little room in the courthouse where he asked them to drop their drawers so he could paddle their buttocks with a wooden fraternity-like paddle. After one such spanking, he supposedly told the kid that if he’d been paddled as a child, he wouldn’t be in jail now.

Investigators first didn’t really give a lot of consideration to the complaints, since criminals aren’t always the most credible of victims, but…12 of them? All saying the same thing? And jail logs of Herman coming to get some of them coinciding with when they say it happened? And the small room where they said it happened could be found? And it’s not really suitable to be used as an office, but he has turned it into an office? And there’s a secretary’s chair that’s got the seat almost cranked to the floor, perfect for, well, bending someone over for a good spanking? And he already has ethical complaints against him? Uh-oh, Judge, I don’t think you’re wiggling out of this one. It doesn’t look good.

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