Criminal Cat?

Last Updated on: 17th July 2018, 08:12 am

Steve and I were talking about ASBO’s because of that story about that man who just loves hospital gowns and he told me about an ASBO being issued to a cat! Yep, it goes meow, claw, spit, hiss, chases string and anything that moves, including the neighbours in this one’s case, and it has a criminal record.

Why why why? I understand why something had to be done. This cat apparently was spontaneously biting and scratching people. But an ASBO? Isn’t there some kind of animal-related thing they could use? And they decided the cat needed Prozac. Ok then.

I think the best quote was his owner saying that the cat is “a cat’s cat.” Then why are you keeping him in the city? If he doesn’t like people and likes to be all wild and unrestrained, maybe he doesn’t need an ASBO. Maybe he needs a new home. Let him live in a barn chasing mice or something.

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