Last Updated on: 24th April 2014, 09:23 am

Wow! The people behind the fake ECards are getting smart. Really really smart. They sent me one that I thought someone who was smarter than your average virus-infested bear might click on. It actually looked halfway convincing. Halfway? More like three-quarters of the way convincing.

It was an html email, right down to the link that says “click here to pick up your card” instead of the link that was just a string of numbers that led to an IP of certain doom. It looked exactly like a Hallmark page. It had their privacy policy, or at least something that said it was a link to the privacy policy. It had slogans of theirs. It had navbars. It was the hallmarkiest fake card that you ever would see. Their only mistake was misspelling receive. But hell, legitimate businesses can’t tell the difference between then and than these days, so that’s not even a horrible mistake.

I figured this was a fake because it didn’t say who sent me this glorious joy-filled, or more like virus-filled ECard, so I copied the shortcut that said “click here” to notepad. sure enough, it was not a card. It linked to an exe file, and instead of being hosted on some obscure Russian server somewhere like I was expecting, it’s being hosted on the Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues website. What the? I’d go there and let them know they’ve been hacked and are being used to spread viruses, but…I don’t know how much of their site is taken over, and I don’t want to find out. I know I have protection, but why put it to the ultimate test and find out what parts fail? That’s for the professional supergeeks with test machines to do. I just wanted to let others know about this devious new twist so they don’t unwittingly turn their computer into a test machine.

Attention all ECaard companies. You’re screwed. Face it. You’re done. Thanks to this stupid virus, nobody with any sense will ever open one of these cards ever again. Oh yeah. Most people don’t have sense. I guess you can carry on.

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