A Bad Trip

Last Updated on: 26th October 2014, 09:33 am

Wow. This horrible chain of events definitely would qualify as a bad day as the story put it. Our unknown star of the show from Val Des Monts, Quebec, had a little too much crack cocaine. So, down he went into a violent seizure. This upset his pit bull tarrier, who promptly took a bite out from under his ear. His friends, all high, decided this had to be stopped. So they picked up a baseball bat. But they didn’t connect with the dog, they smacked our helpless seizuring druggy square in the face. Eventually, the dog stopped feasting on him and he was taken to hospital. But things didn’t stop there for our friend. How did the story put it? Oh yes. There it is. “the nurse noticed something abnormal in the man’s intimate parts,” and pulled out a nice bag of crack cocaine from his, well, crack. There was 10 grams of it, enough to give him a good ol’ charge of trafficking. Oh yeah, and he was also fined for having a pit bull. That’s when you know your day sucks.

I think this guy’s bad day beats the calamity of errors committed by the guy who flashed a gang sign at the wrong car. That sucked, but I think this is worse.

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