Pedo The Clown

Last Updated on: 5th October 2018, 09:28 am

People really seem to be banking on the fact that the collective IQ is going down.

Paul Carlock, who has spent 20 years in law-enforcement and who now works as a clown, came back from the Philippines. Since he said he was visiting an orphanage, and the Philippines is considered a high-risk area for getting child porn, police checked his computer and camera, and what did they find? Lots of pictures of kids naked or clothed but revealing their private parts. His defense? He was going to edit these pictures and show them to his church so they could see that kids were too poor to even have clothes! Riiight! He sorta got busted because one of the pictures that was labeled as edited was only enlarged.

This is about as good as the story about the man who was claiming he was too blind to know who he was fondling, or better still, Monsignor Stenico who, after being caught on tape hitting on a young man, insisted he was only pretending to be gay to understand it better. Yep, uh-huh, sure, whatever.

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