Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest

Last Updated on: 21st September 2014, 03:06 pm

Wow. This is just stupid. Not a single person in this story looks smart. Not a one.

Lets’ begin, well, at the beginning. It all started in the town of Swanville, Maine, when an 18-year-old woman decided that the only way to get rid of those bastard fleas would be to shave the cat. Appalled by this, her brother tried to stop her. What did he do? He tried to cut the chord that led from clippers to electricity. He didn’t try to unplug the clippers. No no no. Get a knife and hack the chord was his solution. Luckily for all involved, he failed, only succeeding in cutting himself, because she kicked him. He supposedly retaliated by choking her and pushing her down. She called 911 and said he hit her, and they’re looking for him through the woods, even with dogs!

Oh come on. Deploying tracking dogs for a scrap between siblings that she started? Give me a fucking break. I’m sure he’ll come home at some point and they can talk to him then.

My oh my, don’t visit Swanville, Maine. Your IQ might suffer for it.

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