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Wow. This sounds like a joke. It just can’t be true. But if it is, that’s a sixteenth birthday that poor boy won’t forget.

His mom, for some unknown reason, decided to have a man in a gorilla suit show up to his drama class for his sixteenth birthday. But when she bookd it, she became what the company is calling the victim of a booking error, and so…a stripper came instead.

Oh my. Oh my my my. The stripper not only came, but she had no problem carrying out her, um, er, duties. She looked like a policewoman, only with a short skirt. She asked for the birthday boy to stand up, saying he’d been a naughty boy, not doing his homework. Next, she put on some Britney Spears, put a leash on the boy, and led him around the room on all fours, hitting him sixteen times. Finally, she stripped to bra and panties, put some cream on herself and asked the boy to rub it in. AT this point, the stunned teacher came out of her trance and put an end to the antics, and the boy ran from the room.

The best part of this whole thing was the boy’s mother caught the teacher a few minutes before the, um, miscommunication was about to play out, just said something was about to happen, and asked the teacher to film it with a camera which she provided. So, during this whole escapade, the poor teacher was probably wondering if that was what the mom had intended.

What I can’t figure out is why the stripper wouldn’t go, “hmmm. I think there was some mistake.” when she ended up at a high school drama class. I kno strippers aren’t known for their ethics, but there’s a line somewhere, I’m sure.

Anyway, the school is looking into things, the whole class is in shock and is asked to remain tight-lipped about the whole thing, and the boy is pretty humiliated…and I can’t stop giggling!

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