This Might Sting A Little, And Then Hurt A Lot

Last Updated on: 23rd April 2014, 09:29 am

Ok, this story makes my head spin in about 3 zillion different directions, so fast that if I don’t try and write something down, something’s gonna blow.

There is an unnamed anesthesiologist in Nassau County who used the same needle and syringe for five years!

Is that making your head spin? Get ready for it to spin faster! The state health department knew about it, but didn’t let any of the upwards of 600 patients who he jabbed know about it until they finished a three-year probe. Now, give your head some more reason to spin. Two of those cases now have Hepatitis C. Some people could potentially be running around with HIV! Only now are they screening them and all their close relatives! Yeah, smart idea to not let anyone know! Real smart.

Let’s make the tilt-a-whirl feeling even stronger. This doctor is still practicing, they won’t name him, and they’re only going to check up on him periodically, after retraining him on proper infection-control methods. Caboom! I couldn’t control the explosion. My head just exploded. I’m sorry, but if a doctor doesn’t know why syringes and needles are disposable, then he shouldn’t be a doctor. Once you’re caught endangering the lives of your patients like that, bye-bye medical license! Do those patients get a second chance to avoid getting shot with Hep C? Nooo!

Wow. I’m done. I can’t think of another word.

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