GDB Has A Hybrid Car!

Last Updated on: 21st April 2014, 04:16 pm

This is just a quick post to say that woohoo, GDB now has a hybrid car that will be used in traffic training, ya know, when they drive at us and up from behind us and cut us off and all that. How super awesome cool is that? too bad I didn’t get to go through that in training.

for the benefit of everyone in the known universe who wonders why I’m happy about this, let me explain. Have you ever noticed how quiet a hybrid car’s engine is? No no, how silent a hybrid car’s engine is? Now, remember that I hear traffic rather than see it. So, the more of these silent beasts are out there, the more likely it is I may meet one and not even know it until I’m a pancake. Trixie will do her best to warn me, but it’s hard to obey your dog when you have no earthly clue what’s happening and you think maybe she’s diving into the grass for shits and giggles. So to have a hybrid car coming at you in a training exercise gets you used to how silent they are.

so yea! Future GDB students will have that experience! Go GDB, ever evolving with the times.

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