It’s A Real Cool Pub, And You’re Not Part Of It

Last Updated on: 17th April 2014, 10:10 am

Maybe I’m crazy, but the idea of a bar setting up a swipe card system to keep the crazy drunks out just sounds dumbest of dumb. But that’s what the Pelham Buckle in Britain is doing.

Here’s the first reason this just seems idiotic. How many times do people try out a new bar just for the hell of it? Isn’t it like shooting yourself in the foot to keep new people from finding your bar? Sure, some of them could be drunken fools, but some of them might become regulars. The way it’s set up now, you have to hope none of your regulars move, or die, or get pissed off at the way things are run and stop coming.

Second, what if one of your regulars becomes a crazy drunk? What if one day, he has a really shitty run of luck, he goes to your bar to drown his sorrows, and goes nuts? Are you going to have to change the card and reissue them to everyone but him? Good people can go bad.

Third, how does a customber become a regular? What if they are a perfectly good guy, but only go there sometimes? Is it *clang* no booze for them because they don’t go there more than once a week?

And here’s the final stupidity. More pubs are looking at this system as a solution to keep out the roudies. I think they’d better change their name from pub to something else, because doesn’t “pub” signify public? This isn’t so public anymore. I guess they’d be privs then?

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