Special Water For Woofer

Last Updated on: 1st October 2014, 04:12 pm

Good lord this is stupid. Some people are throwing money away buying bottled water. Now, they can throw money away buying bottled water for their pets!

The company, Aquience, says that all pets, but particularly cats, aren’t getting enough liquid in their diet, and are getting urinary disorders. So they decided to sell bottled water just for the furry members of the household. What makes the water marketed to them? Aquience put what they called natural attractant in the bottled water, so the pets will drink more of it. So instead of giving them just regular water, you can give them water laced with something to make it taste like meat, so they can drink more of it, so along with the water, they can get more of this weird syntho-meat crap. Yeah, I don’t think their aim is really to get animals to drink more water for the sake of their health. They’re just trying to get in on the ridiculousness that is the bottled water market. But people will buy silly things for their pets, so I’ll bet it’ll sell like crazy.

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