Pool’s Out Forever

Last Updated on: 8th April 2014, 10:06 am

Mor UK crap. Just great.

A while back, we heard about a story about itcy bitcy wading pools needing life guards and insurance. Now, if you set up a paddling pool in a park, even if you supervise the kids playing in it, it’s not safe enough, and it will have to go.

Some parents in the neighbourhood decided to get some inflatable pools and set them up in a garden for the kids to play in during the heat wave. They would supervise them, and drain them at night, and the one they didn’t drain, they covered. But apparently, council dreamed up this idea that the pools would get in the way of emergency vehicles. This idea is especially perplexing when the very people driving those emergency vehicles said, “Whaaat?”

Sad, just sad.

oh, and can we please close our h5 tag, Romford Recorder? That’s reeeeally annoying.

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