Come Out With Your Pants Up!

Last Updated on: 10th January 2015, 07:01 pm

I’m not sure why I decided to read
this story about Calgary’s new public toilet,
but I did and its got me curious.

One of the features built into the thing is a 9 minute warning in the form of a light letting you know that it’s time to move it on out. If you stay another minute, the nice little light becomes an open door and a loud alarm. This happens regardless of whether or not you’re finished.

I realize that generally it’s not good form to spend 10 minutes in a public crapper, but is that really necessary? You’d have to think that anybody who finds himself in a position to need that long is probably going through enough already. Do we really need to let the townsfolk see him with his pants around his ankles trying to wipe his ass or clean the shit off his leg? And who’s responsible for enforcing the limit? there’s an alarm and the door opens, but what then? Did the city actually hire people to guard the place and drag out anybody who dares violate the law of the land? And perhaps the most important question, why? What is the 10 minute limit designed to prevent? Nobody bothered to explain that. It’s just we’ve got this cool feature and that cool feature and music and lights and sound…oh, and get the fuck out!

I’d love it if somebody could answer this stuff for me, because it’s going to drive me nuts for the rest of the day now.

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