You’re Choking On Salami That’s Between Two Buns And You’re’ Anti-Gay?

Last Updated on: 6th June 2016, 01:04 pm

Rabbi Yahuda Levin’s comments do a fine job of illustrating that a. he’s a dick, and b. maybe he’s not so anti-gay as he says he is. In response to finding out that Republican Carl Paladino apologized for his anti-gay remarks, he said he was eating a sandwich when he heard the news, and “”almost choked on the kosher salami.” Hmmm. Interesting choice of words there.

But that was just the icing on the cake. When will folks learn that the more vocally against something like gay rights someone is, the more people think that maybe they have a personal reason to be so vehemently opposed to them? Maybe the person is actually gay and just is too ashamed to admit it? His comments, in some places, sound like complete nonsense, and as if the gay rights issue is personally threatening to him. It’s over the top. The salami comment just completed the picture for me.

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